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ORPIC Comprehensive Service Contract (CMC)

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orpiccORPIC has awarded the Comprehensive Service Contract (CMC) including the man-power and supply of parts and consumables for the maintenance of their two nos. of Ambient Air Quality monitoring Stations (AAQMS) which includes the Pollutant Analyzers from Environnement SA, France.

Sultan Qaboos University

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Sultan Qaboos University (SQU), a leading academic institute of Oman has purchased Agilent FTIR with Microscope for research on food samples in Department of Marine Science & Agriculture, Rigaku Benchtop WD-XRF for the Earth Science department, and FTIR and Atomic Absorption Spectrometer (AAS) for the Chemistry department research work projects.

Royal Oman Police Forensic Lab

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scitechThe Royal Oman Police forensic lab has ordered an additional Agilent GC-MS system, supplied by Gulf Bio Analytical, to support three existing systems that have been in place for several years.

The systems are used for various forensic applications, such as toxicology, narcotics testing and arson testing, and have proven themselves with their solid performance combined with our excellent after-sales support.

Rukun Al Yaqeen International LLC (RAYOMAN)

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agilnetRAYOMAN, a leading public-testing laboratory in Oman, recently purchased two customised state-of-the-art machines through our principal Gulf Bio Analytical/Agilent Technologies.

The machines include an Agilent Transformer Oil Gas Analyser (TOGA), used to analyse dissolved gases in transformer oil, and an Agilent GC-MS instrument used to analyse polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in transformer oil.

Oman LNG

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agilent-newsOman LNG plant has recently ordered a new PAC/Agilent GC analyser from Gulf Bio Analytical.

The analyser tests water quality to determine the hydrocarbon oil index and will be used in addition to the plant’s many other Agilent AC Analytical GC analysers that test gas samples of LNG at various stages of the process.